Allied Financial Group, Inc. partners with professional individuals and institutions in an effort to assist their business clients with all of their financing needs.

Our broad spectrum of financing options, and our ability to provide creative solutions to financing challenges, affords us the opportunity of being a premier funding source for our valued partners.

Here is a sample comment from one of our most valued business referral partners:

“I want to personally complement you and your team for being the unequivocal "winner" of clearly explaining all available options to our client! As you know, we've been speaking with many other Brokers and Banks ~ and I've always found you to be the most professional. My 'hat's off' to your entire group for all of their effort on our behalf to date. Know that this effort has not gone unrecognized“

George L. Massalas, Jr.
President & CEO / Broker
BIZ Inc.

Please Consider Becoming Our Valued Partner In A Category Below:

Commercial Banks

As a commercial banker your top priority is to provide your customers with the best solution to their financing requirements. Hopefully, you can accomplish this goal within the walls of your banking institution. However, there are times when a customer does not meet your lending requirements but you still want to offer them a viable financing option. This is where Allied can be extremely helpful to you, your bank and your customers. Allied will discuss your customers specific needs with you to determine if we have an alternative for them to secure financing. If we do, Allied will work closely with you and your customer to achieve their overall objective, allowing your bank to maintain or establish a depository relationship with these customers in all cases. This is a win-win for all parties.

Non-Bank Lenders

If you are an asset based lender, commercial factor, equipment lease and lending firm, an alternative real estate or hard money lender Allied can be a valuable partner in your quest to help your clients with alternative funding. Sometimes your client needs financing in areas other than those you provide. Allied can help in most cases. If you want your client to find another home for their business, we can assist them with this challenge. A simple conversation with our experienced team of financing professionals will let you know very quickly if we can provide a funding solution to meet your requirements. Call us today!

Financial Professionals, CPA’s, Attorneys

When your client needs to finance business assets, including real estate, accounts receivable, equipment or inventory, Allied is a reliable source for your referrals. We will treat your clients as if they were our own, providing the best funding alternatives available to meet their financing needs including debt restructure, lines of credit, term loans, debtor-in-possession financing, commercial real estate refinancing and purchasing, hard money and bridge loans , SBA loans and more……….. Call us today to discuss your clients specific financing needs. We value your partnership and your referrals.

If you would like additional information about our Referral Partner Program, please call us at (909) 949-6577 | Refer Your Clients To Allied With Confidence.

If you have a client with a specific financing need, or even an IRS or State tax liability, please feel free to refer them to Allied with confidence, or call us directly for initial discussion. We are available at any time to consult with you or your client to determine our ability to assist. Call us at (909) 949-6577

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